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A diagram of the Tecla Access system mounted on a boy's power-wheelchair. A joystick input device sends commands to the Tecla Access Shield which communicates via bluetooth to the user's mobile device.

Tecla Access: 'touch-free' access to mobile devices

Alternative Access

Tecla Access Project Logo

Tecla Access

Tecla Access is a set of open software and hardware tools that facilitate access to electronic devices for people with mobility impairments.

A Tecla Access Keyboard is available for: Android

Geolocation & Digital Signage

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tagin! is a crowd-sourced WiFi-based point-of-interest (POI) service and API that may be used to create context-aware, location-based services (LBS) and applications for outdoor and indoor use. Currently, application developers can use tagin! to post and retrieve addresses, indoor references (room, floor & area), and tags that are specific to the location of their tagin!-enabled devices.

tagin! is available for: Android Windows Mac

Theming and Mobile Web

ATutor Logo

ATutor Mobile

ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) used to develop and deliver online courses. The mobile ATutor work includes iPhone, Android and Blackberry themes as well as an iPhone app for ATutor social.

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Fluid Engage

Fluid Engage is building flexible software with museums and cultural institutions to enhance their visitors’ experience, transforming museum content for mobile, web, and in-house experiences – all for the delight of the visitor.

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Fluid Skinning System

FSS is a clean, semantic, easy-to-use CSS class name library that can help you style content and layouts quickly and easy. Check out the mobile FSS themes and combine with the Fluid UI Options component to create customizable web content.

Past Projects