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About Us

Our work consists of open-ended research and development on accessible, usable, intelligent, context- and location-aware mobile technologies. We partner with students, faculty and industry in order to explore inclusive design in the mobile space, evaluate existing products and solutions, and contribute research to the area.

Now imagine a mobile device that can streamline the information from various sources on and around campus and provides it to you in a cohesive manner.

Think about these scenarios:

  • “Emily walks by the library the mobile device picks up the signal from the library. It shows Emily what books she has borrowed and what books she has on hold.”
  • “Jordan, with a mobility need, is on campus and tries to find a wheelchair-accessible washroom. The mobile device helps him find nearest accessbile washroom that is open at that hour and provides the accessible route to the washroom.”
  • “Aleesha comes out of her class around noon. Aleesha and her two friends are hungry and are up for some Thai food. The mobile devices locates the Thai restaurants nearby with reviews from her Facebook friends who had been there recently. “
  • “Erin has her scuba club meeting in half an hour and has completely forgotten about it. The mobile device alerts her about the meeting, shows the location of the meeting, and shows the fastest route to get there.”

Information brokering

As mentioned in the examples above, our projects attempt to connect to and converge a whole wealth of information sources that are out there including weather, library inventory, campus services, clubs and organizations, classes, current events, local vendors, rss feeds, and social networks to name a few. The possibility is endless, and you can make a contribution! Intrigued? Contact us to participate!